Seventeen-year-olds create Louise

Eleven 17-year-olds from Holy Family School of Ypres curated the exhibition LOUISE/EDITH held in high esteem. They decided which pastels, drawings and paintings by the intriguing Ypres artist to show. They determined the themes of content and how to present them to visitors. The pupils are responsible for the actual exhibition design and graphics.

Step by step, we guided them in their role as curators. They received lessons on the work and life of Louise De Hem and on art and culture in the nineteenth century. During trips to other museums and lectures, they discovered what works and what doesn't when building an oeuvre exhibition.

The youngsters are sixth-year students in the Fine Arts department. The project was part of their GIP, the integrated test that serves as an exam in their graduation year. The museum jury chose a few designs that the entire curatorial group then refined together. With these, we moved on to a professional exhibition company that will build the final design in the Royal Hall.

Something to look forward to are the curators' individual additions. They chose their favourite exhibited work and make a personal photographic interpretation of it.  Meet some of our young curators:

Ellen Braamskamp

Likes: nature, long walks and observing critters. Diving into a good book. Being creative outside and before school.

"I expect LOUISE to give visitors a better idea about the life of a female artist in the nineteenth century. I want to showcase her talent and her oeuvre to a wider audience and, in doing so, hope to also make the citizens of Yper more proud of art from their own city."


Salomé Beusquart 

Likes: photography, spirituality, music, art. Inequality and human rights are themes that concern me. Besides that, I especially want to get a taste of the world.

"With this exhibition, I want to show and magnify the femininity in De Hems work".

Quinten Declercq

Likes: being creative and playing sports.

"For the exhibition LOUISE, I hope visitors will learn more about the role of women in early 20th-century art."


Jiga Alin-Radu

Likes: cars, snowboarding, art, painting, realistic portraits, listening to music and games.

"For the exhibition LOUISE, I hope for a fascinating presentation. I would like to see something other than just paintings on a wall."


Marie Derudder

Likes: photography and sports.

"For the LOUISE exhibition, I hope visitors feel some form of femininity in the presentation."

LOUISE/EDITH. Held in high esteem runs from 19 November 2022 to 12 March 2023 in the Royal Hall of the Yper Museum.