How cats have captured humans
Expo 01.05.21 - 16.01.22


Cats have never been more popular, both on the internet and in our living rooms. But where does this worldwide adoration for these idiosyncratic and self-willed animals come from? The Yper Museum unravels the mysterious relationship between man and cat through time and in other cultures. From worshipped and revered to ostracized and ignored, to generally loved and adored, our feline friends have never left anyone unmoved. PUSS sets up a dialogue between recent scientific insights and international historical and contemporary art of the highest level.
Cats are believed to have nine lives, so it’s only fitting that this exhibition should explore the road that man and cat have travelled together through nine thematic set-ups. The cat revered as a god and castigated as a devil. The cat as a muse, woman, friend, colleague and VIP – with the P of Puss. The cat as an animal and, of course, the cat as a giant in Ieper’s Kattenstoet - a historical cat parade. Dare we say, a catwalk?

Over 200 objects

Never before have so many works celebrating or illustrating the interaction between man and cat been brought together in one place. A wealth of objects and artefacts from our own art collection is richly  supplemented by archaeological, archival, medical and intangible heritage from other institutions, including natural history museums, private collectors and scientific institutions. Top names include Goya, Jan Fabre, Stephan Vanfleteren, Henriëtte Ronner-Knip, Théophile Steinlen, Stief DeSmet, David Teniers the Elder and Roger Raveel.

Reservations and practical informations

Reserve your visit online or via reservaties.musea@ieper.be. A ticket to the PUSS exhibition is included in the ticket price for the Yper Museum. You can find here prices and other practical information to visit PUSS. 



Hundreds of photographs and reproductions from international collections provide a telling picture of the cat as a pet, god, devil, woman, muse and friend. This richly illustrated book contains supplementary and unique imagery from numerous international collections. It features texts from author Onno Blom, GUM director Marjan Doom, art historian Jo Coucke and the poet Delphine Lecompte. 
Priced € 29.95 (Dutch only). You can buy it at the Yper Museum, the museum shop near the Tourist Offi ce in the Cloth Hall and bookstores. It is also available from our web shop. In collaboration with Hannibal Books publishing house.

De Geknipte Kat (The Neutered Cat)

Sterilize your cat and help solve the stray cat problem. That’s the message which the committed museum youth of Het Voorlopig Bewind (literally: the Provisional Regime) want to bring across with their very own youth exhibition. De Geknipte Kat (The Neutered Cat) is a collaboration with the Flemish government’s Animal Welfare Department. It’s the start of a Flemish awareness campaign around our stray cat policy.
De Geknipte Kat (Dutch only) is freely accessible and runs from 1 May 2021 through 16 January 2022 at the Goliath Room of the  Yper Museum.


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