Corona measures

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Be sure to take the following measures before you arrive. Then your visit is guaranteed to be flawless!

Book your tickets in advance

  • You can do this online. When you make your reservation, choose a time block. This allows us to spread the number of visitors throughout the day.

  • Reservations can be made up to one hour before your arrival. Visitors without a reservation may be asked to return at a later time if the time block is full at that time.

  • Booked tickets can be paid for without contact at the museum counter.

Visit the museum in a safe way

  • You follow the indicated walking direction using the arrows on the ground. This way you can cross other visitors at a safe distance.

  • Of course, the rules of social distancing also apply here. We ask visitors to keep at least 1.5 meters distance from each other.

  • At the ticket desk and in the museum we provide hand sanitizers.

  • Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory. 

Fun extra

The entrance bracelets (the cat's paw bracelet) will be given to you after your visit. As a reminder, but above all to keep the risk of infection as small as possible.

In addition to these special measures, our visitor regulations continue to apply.