Held in High Esteem

Exhibition from 19 November 2022 to 12 March 2023 in the Yper Museum's Royal Hall. A visit to the exhibition is included in the Yper Museum ticket price. 

One hundred years ago, on 22 November 1922, Louise De Hem (1866-1922) died. This Ypres artist created a furore at the end of the 19th century with her beautiful portraits and pastels. She built a professional and international career. Not evident as a woman in those days. The name Louise De Hem later disappears between the folds of history; the fate of many female artists. Thanks to her sister Hélène's bequest, the Yper Museum owns the largest public collection of De Hems.

We handed over the curatorship of the exhibition. Eleven 17-year-olds made the selection, oversaw the scenography and created their own art inspired by Louise's world.

Contemporary artist and Artist in Residence Edith Dekyndt creates a new work 100 years later. Their lives seem connected and this duo exhibition is almost predestined. Ypres birthplace, international career, a life in Brussels and a fascination with hands and the ageing process. Two Ypres artists. Held in high esteem.

Then we will treat you to free admission and a delicious LOUISE praline!
(On presentation of identity card and in the company of 1 paying visitor).


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